A student’s growing frustration…

As any other college student in Ontario today, I am frustrated! With the possibility of a strike growing by the minute, I find myself completely annoyed. It is not even the chance of a strike which irritates me anymore. It is the blatant lack of communication that is infuriating me.

Check out this short clip to find out how students feel about the possible strike.

It is extremely difficult to find any substantial information online about the current situation. The information being announced by the union and the management is rarely similar. This leads me to believe that they might not be negotiating with each other in the same city, let alone the same room!

The only half decent source of information is a website set up by the College Student Alliance, but even this is very vague. I am horrified that the Ontario Ministry of Education does not even mention the strike on their website. It appears as though everyone is nobly fighting for the quality of education in this province but no one remembers to keep those mostly affected by the fight informed.

No one seems to remember that I am the one who paid thousands of dollars to be sitting in a classroom all day. It seems like those at the bargaining table think they might be doing me a favour by giving me some time off. What they apparently don’t know is that I don’t want any time off!

I just try to remind myself that ignorance is bliss, or so they say.


~ by zofiaszaflarska on February 1, 2010.

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