PR 2.0: Out With the Old and In With the New

Historically, public relations has been based on one-way communication. Its distinct role was always to get a well-crafted message out to the public or save an organizations reputation in the time of a crisis. With the evolution of technology and the unprecedented rise of social media, PR is changing its focus. It is time for PR 2.0.

For a quick 101 on PR 2.0 take two minutes to watch this video:

PR 2.0 is based on two way communication which allows for dialogue and information sharing. In A communicator’s Manifesto, Deirdre Breakenridge outlines the importance of two way communication and the tremendous benefits it offers the PR world. Breakenridge states that PR 2.0 puts the “public” back in public relations with the ability to speak to more people. Public relations is no longer a tool used to get a message out but a vehicle which can be used to enhance and grow relations with the public. This can be seen everywhere from politics to retail.

People no longer want to be told things; they want to be able to inform themselves. Social media allows for conversations between people and humanizes the once uninviting process of PR communication. PR 2.0 presents an opportunity to not only reach audiences but to share information and communicate with them directly. It allows organizations to hear what their customers are saying and answer their questions and respond to their needs. People feel heard and important while organizations are able to improve faster and grow profit. It’s a win-win situation.


~ by zofiaszaflarska on February 27, 2010.

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