Starbucks is well known for not only its great coffee, but also for its unique barista service. Taking it a step further, this coffee franchise is opening the floor to customer input. Starbucks has set up a website entitled My Starbucks Idea where they invite customers to propose new ideas the company can put into action. Ideas range from new flavours to promotions to gold cards, all aimed to further customer satisfaction.

Although My Starbucks Idea is an amazing way to gather ideas and make customers feel important, it also seems like they might be taking the easy way out. Giving their head office employees a break, Starbucks is making their customers do all the work.

However, considering the economics times, this could be a smart way to improve the company without investing additional money into the marketing department. They have come up with a slick way to come up with ideas about how to better the company, without it costing them a dime! By allowing their customers to suggest ideas for the company, Starbucks is improving their customer service and their marketing with one hit. Talk about clever!

As annoyed as I am that they appear to be taking advantage of their customers while hiding behind great customer engagement, I have no choice but to admit: I am thoroughly impressed with their frugal but yet savvy approach during a recession!

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~ by zofiaszaflarska on March 22, 2010.

3 Responses to “Starbucks…frugal?”

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  2. All I can say is, “frugality FTW”… [Their] Starbucks Idea is definitely a smart approach to a corporate social media campaign. Perhaps when Tim Horton’s does something similar I can call for a revival of the ‘… And then I ate the bowl’ campaign’!

  3. […] is just one small part of a wider commentary on My Starbucks Idea…my colleagues Jeff, Anna, Zofia, Sarah and Auravelia have different perspective to share, so browse their blogs, offer comments and […]

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