Be nice, highlight!

•January 27, 2010 • 2 Comments

Have you ever gotten a link from a friend who raves about an amazing article or report they found online only to find out it is infinite pages long? Too long to bother reading it and finding out what’s so amazing about it? I have. And I hate it! I feel like I often miss out on good information off the web simply because the text is so long that I close the window as soon as I see its length. Well, let me introduce you to Awesome Highlighter.

Awesome Highlighter is a website which allows you to highlight the parts of an article, or any text, you find important and send it to your friends…or keep it for yourself. All you have to do is type in the URL of the site you want to highlight and have fun! Some great features include the ability to change the colour you are highlighting in and adding notes to areas of the text you would like to comment on or add to. This application is very user friendly and for this reason has gotten great reviews when compared to other similar tools.

Check out this quick video on how to use Awesome Highlighter:

Awesome Highlighter was started by three guys from Florida who clearly saw a need for better information sharing. This application is free to use and even has a facebook group and a twitter account associated with it. Awesome Highlighter can also be downloaded as a Firefox add-on, making it easy and accessible while you surf the net.

I believe that Awesome Highlighter is a great application for the corporate world and specifically for PR because it allows you to reduce confusion and help the reader focus on what you want them to see. It is also a good tool when sharing links with friends because, as I mentioned earlier, it minimizes the time spent on looking for the “cool” or “interesting” part of the text. I believe that Awesome Highlighter is helpful for many different demographics of people and will only grow in popularity in the future.

Don’t agree? Want to learn about the other side of the story? Check out Carmen’s blog for her view on Awesome Highlighter.

Remember:  be nice, highlight!


“How to” setup a wordpress blog!

•January 22, 2010 • 4 Comments

My parents generation seems to think that we, the young people of the world, should know everything there is to know about social media. We have grown up in a world where computers have almost become a basic necessity and so how could we not know everything there is to know about them? Don’t we do most, if not all, our research online? Aren’t we addicted to facebook? Haven’t we substituted the art of letter writing for emails? Aren’t we always connected to the web through our phones? Technically yes, but I still don’t know “how to”…well, a lot of things.

When I actually sit down to think about it, I find the web overwhelming. There are so many possibilities online that I often don’t know where to begin. Like a blog for example, apparently everyone has one, but…where do I blog? how do I blog? why should I blog?

There are countless “how to” videos which try to aid in this chaotic race to learn social media, however many of them are not helpful but long and confusing. One of my Public Relations classes has compiled a list of the best “how to” videos related to social media.

My group decided to investigate “how to setup a wordpress blog”, and we found a great and easy video showing the process, hence my first blog is here on wordpress. 🙂 Check out the video:

The reason why we really liked this “how to” video was because of how incredibly easy it was. Other “how to” videos required you to start setting up a wordpress blog using a different program (programs none of our group had ever heard of) or the videos were almost an hour long! However, this video was so simple! All the steps were described well and shown using a highlighted cursor. The whole video lasted only 5 minutes and covered the whole process from setting up an account at wordpress to posting your first blog.

I never considered using wordpress for my blogging because I have heard many times that it is not as user friendly as other blogging sites and that it is geared for the more avid blogger. However, after watching this video I decided to set up my own blog on wordpress because it looked so easy…and it was! The actual setup process took maybe 2 minutes and soon enough I was ready to post my first blog!

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